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5 things landlords in nigeria might hide from their tenants

If you have lived in rented properties for some time in Nigeria, you know that it’s pretty difficult dealing with some landlords. As most tenants breathe a sigh of relief just because the landlord has agreed to let them in, they do not bother to enquire about many things or do not have the courage to do so as they do not want to offend the landlord. Here are 5 things landlords in Nigeria might hide from their tenants. NEIGHBOURS CAN CREATE PROBLEMS FOR YOU No landlord will ever tell you the...

lagos state land law prohibiting forceful entry and illegal occupation of landed properties (3)

SALE OF PROPERTY WITHOUT AUTHORITY Purported sale of land by persons not having legal title to it is by far one of the commonest and most dreaded evils associated with land acquisition. This is because a lot of people conjure different types of ‘title’ to the land that it takes due diligence and lots of prayers on the part of the purchaser not to fall into the wrong hands. It was always common for purported family agents to unlawfully sell family property without the consent of the head...

real estate investment secrets every young nigerian should know

I’m not wealthy yet, not by a long shot. Editors don’t earn much, and writers are paid even less, so when a client I have great respect for invited me to a real estate investment seminar last week, I wondered why. Perhaps she has seen into my future and I’m about to come into money! After all, investing in real estate is for rich, financially free people, isn’t it? Since she was inviting me on her own account, I gladly went, eager to learn something I could use in the not-so-near...


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